Jadranka Kimovska: Wine is a narrative to connect people

Jadranka Kimovska, a remarkable figure in the wine industry, is the driving force behind ‘Wine Berry,’ her wine and bistro shop in Skopje, North Macedonia. With a selection of over 400 domestic and international labels, Jadranka’s passion for wine shines through her work as a wine consultant and promoter. Her journey from biotechnology engineer to wine connoisseur showcases her dedication to connecting people through the universal narrative of wine.
Dive into the inspiring interview with her below.


What is wine for you? 

Wine is the most beautiful and powerful drink in the world. Wine is experience, wine is knowledge, wine is an international language, wine is a narrative to connect people and wine is one of the most civilized pleasures.


How did you enter the wine industry? 

It was 15 years ago when I entered the wine industry. I’m educated as a biotechnology engineer at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, but the road took me another way. I started working in the Commercial department 22 years ago and have been in the sales departments all my life. So in 2009, I got to know wine more deeply for the first time . And with all the beauty that wine can bring you, it leads my way and as people say “once you start dealing with wine, you will never stop”.

With a lot of education, experience and work, I became a commercial director dedicated to exports in wineries in Macedonia and thus wine became my main job and love.

Now I’m running my own wine/ bistro shop “Wine Berry” in Skopje (promoting and selling over 400 labels domestic and international) . I’m also a wine consultant and wine promoter.


What is your philosophy in making wine, and how is it reflected in your product?

For me, the wine production process represents a combination of individual and team approach, followed by the narrative of the destination (location), terroir and of course a touch of tradition adapted to new wine trends.


How important do you consider education and training in winemaking and are there special programs for women?

You can’t be a wine professional if you don’t have an education. Having worked in sales departments in other companies with other products, I can definitely say that without knowledge, details and stories, you cannot present and sell wine. Wine is a unique and very specific product. It’s like a person – you need to know where he was born, what year, from which country, personal and individual characteristics. So you need to know the details. I am proud of my many years of experience and the opportunity to try and taste many wines. I’m educated on  WSET.  I have completed level 3 and am still studying level 4 in Rust (Wine Accademie) Austria, and in addition many educational wine courses and literature.

I’m proud to say that it is producing results, I am an international wine judge at Mundus Vini Germany (4 years), and this year for the first time I was the  president of the jury panel.

As for a dedicated program for women, I’m not sure we have anything specific (for women). There are many schools, programs, courses and educational institutions in the region and abroad where you can educate yourself and increase your intellectual approach to wine education. And I can assure you that many women are successful in the wine business. For example, in the R.N. Macedonia, managers in wineries are women, we also have a lot of women as winemakers and in  wine production and wine marketing. And as I can see also internationally there are a lot of women who find their professional place in the wine business . We are strong, we are dedicated, we are sensitive and we have emotional intelligence, these are all the main things to deal with wine and present it in the best way.Any education in the wine business will advance your career.


What advice would you give to young women who want to enter the wine business?

In the beginning, wine is strange, wine is complicated, wine is delicate, but if you start loving wine, follow its path and opportunity.

Wine will bring new wonderful people into your life, new opportunities and prosperity.

Educate yourself, get the opportunity to taste as many wines as possible and share the wine culture.