Historical Salamina Island, Greece, to host the 11th edition of Balkans International Wine Competition 2022 in June

The 11TH edition of The Balkans International Wine Competition will take place between June 1nd and 3d in the historical island of Salamina, Greece, under the auspices of the Municipality of Salamina and the Balkan Wine Festival will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 16th and 18th June 2022.

The birthplace of Euripides, the island where 2,500 years ago the famous “Battle of Salamis” changed the European history, awaits Balkan wines with great anticipation.

After the huge success in last year’s 10th Anniversary edition in Skopje, North Macedonia, BIWC will start its new decade in the beautiful island of Salamina, as Greece was elected to host the 11th edition of BIWC 2022. The aim of the rotation of the most prestigious Wine Competition for the Balkan Wines is a better integration of the wineries from all Balkan countries and to their better exposure in the region and in Europe.

“It is a great honor for us to have the possibility to carry out the 11th edition of BIWC in the historical island of Salamina. We are starting our new decade with lots of optimism and energy to make Balkan Wines even more recognizable and to put them in more places on the world wine map. From the team of BIWC I would like to thank to the Mayor of Salamina, Mr. Giorgos Panagopoulos for his warm welcome and his desire to host the Balkans International Wine Competition in the historical island”, said Galina Niforou, Managing Director of BIWCF.

The Municipality of Salamina supports robustly and welcomes international initiatives such as the Balkans International Wine Competition as the opportunity of pointing out the tourism identity of Salamina.

The ongoing development and enhancement of extroversion of our island is part of a wider strategic planning of our Municipality through our cultural agenda and consists a practical proof on how the cultural institutions can constitute development factors and creativity foyers for Salamina

Special thanks to contributors and organisers who worked hard to render Salamina the best choice in order to be the Host city  of such an important event” said Giorgios Managopoulos,  Mayor of Salamina.

The main mission of BIWCF is to promote the Balkan wines and the wine culture around the world. The Honorary chairman of the Competition is Konstantinos Lazarakis MW is the first holder of the title of Master of Wine in Greece and he Balkans.

The Balkan International Wine Competition coming to Greece! Feels like your favourite TV show comes to your city for shooting the next season! Deeply excited by welcoming the 11th edition of BIWC in Greece!  It will be another amazing stepping stone in making Balkan Wines as famous as they deserve!” said Lazarakis.

The best wine in the Balkans will be chosen by the prestigious jury and this year will includes 5 holders of the title of Master of Wine and renown wine personalities from all over the world and the region. After the Competition, an exhibition will be organized on the 4th of June in the yard of City Hall of Salamina, to which business representatives, sommelier, distributors and wine lovers from Greece and abroad are invited.

With nearly 1.8 million tons of wine per year, the Balkans rank 5th in the world, just behind the largest wine-producing countries – Italy, France, Spain and the United States. The Balkans International Wine Competition is the event that brings together the world’s wine elite to see, drink and discover the richness and diversity of the Balkan wines.

The Award Ceremony and the Gala Dinner known as the “Balkan Wine Oscars” will be celebrate this year on the 3rd of June in the breathtaking Ktima Filippikon, Salamina. Special Award “Golden Dionysus” will be awarded to the Best Greek Wine for 2022 by the Mayor of Salamina, Mr. Panagopoulos.

Last year the Grand Trophy for the “Best Wine in the Balkans” was awarded to Estate Argyros, Santorini, Greece for Vinsanto Late Release 2001.


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