Aurelia Visinescu: Wine industry is the most beautiful job in the world – very challenging but also full of satisfaction

In our ongoing series highlighting the contributions of women to the wine industry, we turn our focus to Aurelia Visinescu, a distinguished oenologist. Aurelia offers insight into her comprehensive journey within the wine world, revealing how her career intertwines deeply with her personal passion for winemaking. Through her narrative, we glimpse the challenges and triumphs that have marked her path, reflecting her commitment to excellence in every bottle she crafts.


What is wine for you?

Wine is the thing and everything for me.

Wine is my life, my dream come true, joy and suffering, challenging and disappointment sometimes but at the end full of happiness and satisfaction.


How did you enter the wine industry?

I have to say that life carried me on to the wine sector.

I grow up in country side, what connected me very strongly to nature, to the earth. This made me study horticulture where I met oenology. Fascinated rather by the science behind wine, I decided that I would go this way. Of course, I acquired my true love for wine after I met it and really got to know it. And it is forever.


What is your philosophy in making wine, and how is it reflected in your product?

I think that a glass of wine can reflect more than a drink, therefore I try to catch into my wines the whole story, starting with the place, the variety character and the hands and mind of people involved.

I like to grow our grapes and make our wines respecting the earth and the nature, but innovating and evolving every year.

We are focus on a minimal intervention in wine, preserving what the vineyard grew to create balance and harmony, to ensure both a wine of finesse and enduring elegance, as well as a thread of continuity in our style from vintage to vintage.

A single glass of wine can reveal more than a story, my winemaking history begins with the love of nature. (…) At Sahateni I rely on people who have dedicated their lives working the vineyards. Here we make wine for those like us who skillfully do their job with rigor and passion, people who know their goals. (…) Good wine depends on the grace of nature, but evolves thanks to the skill and passion of viticulturist and oenologist. Wine is what we offer you at our very best, every year, from our cellar.

This is my belief and it can be found in each and every bottle of wine I make”– Aurelia Visinescu, Oenologist.


How important do you consider education and training in the wine industry, and are there any special programs for women?

I think that education is very important, and training and experience is even more important. They only work together.

Unfortunately, we do not have programs specifically dedicated to women in terms of oenological education.

Instead, I notice more and more that there are many women interested in this field throughout the all chain from viticulture-winemaking to the final consumer.


What advice would you give to young women who want to enter the wine business?

It is the most beautiful job in the world. It is very challenging but also full of satisfaction.