Kristina Angjelkova: Wine making needs a lot of attentiveness, care and love, which in all honesty is engrained in women

We’re thrilled to continue our series celebrating exceptional women in the wine industry with Kristina Angjelkova from Paragon Winery! As a passionate vintner, Kristina brings a blend of tradition and innovation to her craft, embodying the spirit and dedication that define the heart of the industry. Dive deeper into her inspiring journey and the unique touch she brings to every bottle.


What is wine for you?

Wine for me is art, passion and a challenge at the same time. There is not one rule fits all when it comes to wine making as every year it is a story for itself where you find yourself learning new skills and developing your craft.


How did you enter the wine industry?

I grew up in one of the biggest wine regions in North Macedonia- Tikvesh, more specifically in town called Negotino where every family usually owns vineyards and every fall they make homemade wine and rakia.  The desire was there from early age, as we were one of the families that made the homemade rakia every year, thus I decided to study technology of wine and beer at the University of food technologies in Plovdiv.


What is your philosophy in making wine and how it is reflected in the product?

Every wine has its own characteristics that sets it apart form the rest. The goal is to hone on to those characteristics, constantly improve them in terms of quality in order to make wine that is unique all while keeping the integrity of the grape variety used in making that wine. Wine is product with its own style and flair, which reflects the style, energy and love that the winemaker put into making it.


How important do you consider education and training in the wine industry, and are there any special programs for women?

Like every industry, education, specialty training and upgrading your skill are of utmost importance. I constantly read about and keep myself updated on current world wine trends in order to learn more and at the same time stay competitive. I love attending seminars and wine tastings as I find those very useful for networking, feedback, collaboration and education from experts in my field.   As far as special programs for women wine makers, I have not been part of any nor I have heard of any that exist.


What advice would you give to young women who want to enter the wine business?

Wine making needs a lot of attentiveness, care and love, which in all honesty is engrained in women. If you are very well organized and ready for a challenge, then wine making is the right path for you.