The Balkans International
Wine Competition
Sofia 5-8 June 2014

Welcome to the BIWC 2014!

In the modern wine world, being good is not enough. Almost everyone today is good. Actually, getting better is not enough either, since all serious wine producers want to improve all the time. In order to be at the forefront of the wine industry, it is imperative you improve at a faster rate than all you competitors. If you look for a region where wines improve at a break necking speed and quality standards that accelerate at an exhilarating speed, just check the wines coming from the Balkan Countries. History, tradition and excitement have never been merged so skilfully.

Another important element that tells a lot about a region’s character is the way someone is defining your competitors. Are Balkan countries in competition with each other? As proved by the previous two Balkan International Wine Competitions and Wine Festivals, Balkans are partners more than anything else. Join us for the 3rd Edition to be convinced. 

We will be happy to welcome you to the third Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival! The Best of Balkans will be served in your glass in Sofia, from the 5th until the 8th of June, 2014. We would be delighted seeing you joining our vision.

Konstantinos Lazarakis MW                                   eng. Galina Niforou, Wine MBA
BIWC Chairman                                                      BIWC Director

/ Winners

Winners 2014

DESERT WINE MALVASIA, VINTAGE 2010 MADE BY THE MONEMVASIA WINERY FROM GREECE WAS THE BEST BALKAN WINE FOR 2014! That was a decision of the prestigious international panel of judges of the third

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/ Master Classes

Master Classes

Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, BIWC Chairman, Greece Judging with Konstantinos Lazarakis, Master of wine A tasting session with Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, the Chairman of the Balkans International Wine

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